The Healing Power of Cucumber

Let’s talk about the incredible health benefits of cucumbers. Cucumbers have 73 different phenolic compounds. Cucumbers also have certain phytonutrients that are in cruciferous vegetables.

Cucumbers are more than just a refreshing addition to your salad. They are packed with nutrients and have numerous health benefits. From aiding in weight loss to promoting healthy skin, cucumbers are a true superfood. In this post, we will explore the healing power of cucumbers and how they can benefit your health.

5 basic benefits of cucumbers:

  1. Cucumbers may help stabilize blood sugars
  2. Cucumbers may help stabilize cholesterol
  3. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties
  4. Cucumbers are loaded with powerful antioxidants
  5. Cucumbers provide fiber to make butyrate (butyrate can help with insulin resistance)

3 ways to extract phytonutrients from Cucumber

  1. Ferment them (this is different than pickling) 2. Steam them
  2. Eat them with fat (like hummus made with olive oil)

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