Kedi Multi-Vitamin + Zinc Effervescent Tablet


Each effervescent tablet contains 8 carefully selected vitamins and 1 mineral which are good for the health.

Vitamin A: it helps maintain a healthy teeth, skeletal and soft tissues, skin and mucus membrane. Also for maintenance of the immune system and good vision.Vitamin B1: It is essential for energy metabolism.
Vitamin B2: It helps to maintain the normal physiological function of the nervous system.
Vitamin B3: It improves the level of blood fat such as bad cholesterol produce by the liver.
Vitamin B6: It keeps the brain and nervous system working properly.
Vitamin C: It promotes iron absorption in the body.
Vitamin D3: It helps in calcium absorption and bone growth.
Vitamin E: It is a highly effective antioxidant.
Zinc: It is good for the skin health


Product Description

Multi-Vitamin (Zinc) – ₦ 6,300

Category – (Life Essential)

Prescription – 1 tablet (200ml-300ml) daily

Multi-Vitamin (Zinc) is a Nutritious way of boosting your immune system.


Effective for Boosting the Functionality of the Immune System, when our immune system is strong, it helps protect the body against infection and maintain overall health.

It aids in the Generation of Energy.

It helps to keep the Brain and Nervous System Working Properly that is help the brain grow and develop, improves our thoughts and emotions, improves our learning and memory, movement, balance, and coordination, improves our sleep, improves our breathing , heartbeat and many more.

It promotes Iron Absorption in the body and so many other benefits.

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multi vitamin plus zinc


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